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I’ve never written a blog before. I’m not sure what to do… but, I’ll share some thoughts.

I just received a video about adopting children, and it reminded me of my 8 adopted children. They’re all very special to me in one way or another. We adopted each child for individual reasons, and I will attempt to explain them to you, and quite possibly in the process, help me understand as well.

Oldest… boy, entered our home at 14. Very intelligent, but undermotivated. Desired to be loved, but kept people at arm’s length. Deception had been part of his survival and was hard to break. After one attempted placement, decided at 16 he did not want to be adopted, so he remained in our home. After awhile, his desire for permanancy overcame his desire for freedom, and he requested us to adopt him. We gladly and VERY proudly call him “Son”. Today, after having served 4 years in the USMC (wounded in Iraq), he is following the Lord’s path for his life, wherever that may lead.

Boy… came to live with us on his 10th. birthday. Moderately impaired, his survival had been the very base of his existence ’til he was 6. He’d been in one foster home already, and had known stability; but his penchant for stealing food, lying and other negative behaviors (too gross to discuss) had turned his foster mother off to the idea of adoption. He’s a good young man, but because of his disability has a very hard time with understanding actions/consequences. I believe he understands right from wrong, but when he does wrong, there is no remorse, apology, or any acknowledgement that that he’s done wrong. TOTAL JUSTIFICATION. He was placed in our home for adoption, and again, we lovingly call him “Son”. He’s living on his own now, not a life that mom and dad would have wanted for him, but he’s pretty independent and very happy in his life. He’s been visiting us for a week now, helping with a garage sale. I think he likes the home cooking and getting his belly filled. We continue to pray for him daily.

Girl… entered our lives at age 15. After about 3 weeks in our home, she ran away, and spent about 1 month literally living on the streets. She was picked up by the authorities and returned to us, to live here ’til shortly after her 18th. birthday. I’m not sure why, but she really wanted the adoption. I think she loved the thought of permanancy… and loved the life we lived here. Personally… I believe she tried living the life of a Christian girl, but by the time she turned 18 she’d had enough! About a month after, she ran away again, this time to stay away for good. She lost a child, married, divorced, and has finally seemed to have settled down with her new husband and military life. She came over a couple of weeks ago for dinner and we got to meet our new son-in-law. I don’t think she realized how much her departure crushed me! I’d NEVER gotten as close to a teenaged girl (with the exception of my girly-goo, Eryn). Things are good now… communication is comfortable, if not thorough!

I’m closing now… the tale grows larger with the rest of the kids. Thanks for “hearing” me out. Good night

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